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Kharma Mosaic brings a wonderful Craft area to
Festivals and Events.

We come with all the tables, benches, bell tent, and a huge array of beautiful mosaic tiles to make your own bespoke mosaic memento to take away with you from the Festival or your event.


All the mosaics are grouted and presented to you so you can make one on your own or with friends or as a present to take home.


Full guidance and support is given with suggestions to help you make your mosaic creation look beautiful.  We also wrap it up for you to fit snugly in your backpack at a festival or from the event you are attending.


All of our festival goers really appreciated the calm area of a Mosaic Tent and really get absorbed by the colours and beautiful selections to choose from. It's like a pick and mix in a sweet shop. 

We make it accessible to all ages and all abilities and you will come away with a wonderful treasure.

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We regularly work with The Greencrafts village at Glastonbury Festival in the Green Fields and also at The Wilderness Festival in Greencrafts Village . Its a lovely way to while away a hour or so in the serenity of the mosaic tent.

We would love you to pop into our Festivals or Events and can also turn up to your own events.


Please contact us here to find out more

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"I met Pip at Glastonbury festival where she was running mosaic workshops. She is the kindest of ladies and the best teacher and guide. I ended up spending about 3 blissful hours making a mosaic tile. I recommend Pip and her beautiful mosaics to everyone. The perfect way to spend a few hours"

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